About Me

now :

In June of 2015 I moved my things into a storage unit with no idea as to when I would return to them. I still haven’t returned to them as they are now currently sitting in my, no shame to admit this, parent’s garage. In June of 2016, after a year of being ‘homeless’, I purchased an investment property in Denver, Colorado and while I am technically no longer homeless, I don’t have intentions of being there often, aside from the occasional Colorado wedding, as it is often rented out on Airbnb. I have a blog because I’m a nostalgic person and enjoy reflecting. Also, because I’ve come to be known as a wanderer and think that a person or two may decide to enjoy reflecting on my adventures as well. Thanks mom!

and then : 

I was born and raised in a mundane feeling suburb of Houston, Texas. Everywhere seemed cooler than where I was and I constantly dreamed of moving somewhere more fun and exotic. I graduated from high school at the age of 16 to pursue a degree in photography and despite my grand ambitions of eventually ending up far away, I didn’t go far and attended Texas State University. After spending a month in Italy studying art abroad I knew I was never meant to stay in one place for very long. In 2008, I graduated at 20 and moved next door to Austin. Before I had a real career, I was pursuing teaching English in South Korea but never did go. I ended up falling so much in love with my career as a wedding photographer that I put my traveling passion on the back burner. I traveled still but not to the extent of my true desires. I started to obsess over traveling again as I became more comfortable in my career and allowed myself to take the time off as well as work abroad remotely. My passion went to the next level when I became enamored with the Dutch language and took a Dutch immersion class in Amsterdam one summer. Nee, mijn nederlands zijn niet erg goed.

how : 

I’ve been asked this a lot over the last year, how do I do it? I shot my first destination wedding in 2010 and never wanted to stop. I began marketing to destination weddings heavily and very slowly did my business eventually mostly become destination weddings, although I still go back to Texas often to shoot (and see my family). I shoot about 20 weddings a year leaving me time to travel in between and edit from where ever I am. Going a year without having bills or rent certainly helped though too! Now I also profit off of my Airbnb rental and have intentions of purchasing more properties.

My yearly tintypes by Lumiere.