October Update | Suburban Life

I swore I’d make this a monthly update but I’m already 3 days behind 2 months in… and I’m kicking myself for it. This is a weird time of year for us wedding photographers, most of us are beyond swamped with work. It feels easier to be out in the suburbs of Texas for this time of year. Every trip into the city is at least an hour and a half, round trip. So while I have plenty of friends in Houston, I only go into town for bigger events. It’s quiet out here in the burbs, perfect for getting work done. When we sit by the fire pit drinking my favorite seasonal pumpkin beer (even when it’s 80 degrees outside), not a soul walks by past 8pm. The man-made neighborhood fountains shut off at 11:47pm and the suburbs officially go to bed until 8am when the construction workers start back up making branding new fabricated homes. It’s a much different pace and style of life than I am used to. If there is anything I have learned from just over 5 weeks of ‘living’ here, it’s that, more than anything, I like a challenge. I knew that staying in the suburbs with my brother, his wife, his wife’s mother, & their 2 kids would be a challenge. Certainly not a challenge to many but to an adventure & change seeking nomad, it is. Staying still has become difficult.

I only flew once, back from Chicago, in October. I will have gone a month without flying, which is my record for this year. The air is sounding like a foreign place right now but I am sure I will feel at home when I walk through security again in a few days. I still haven’t stayed in one place for very long at all. I still can’t imagine it. I have made my plans for the winter more official; ideas like these get me through the long days of editing & sorting photos and waiting until my nephew arrives from the school bus. I wish I had more to say but I can’t force my writing. The truth is, I work my ass off this time of year so I can take bigger and more adventurous trips abroad. I never stop working. I chose this lifestyle though and I wouldn’t change it. November will be similar but December holds new adventures.

suburban halloween in texas

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