September Update

I have been told by more than one person that I should write a novel someday, that my life sounds adventurous enough to make one hell of a story. I would be lying if I said I disagreed. Sometimes I can’t believe the things that happen to me and while I won’t and can’t divulge every little detail it sounds like a fun future past time to summarize my months into blog updates. So here we are, September 2016.

I started the first of September on an island in Croatia, since then I have traveled to Barcelona, Mexico City, Denver, Crested Butte, Austin, Houston, Detroit, and now… Kalamazoo of all places. I did my write up on Hvar a few weeks ago from the Split airport but felt that my time in the other locations was too brief to give the write up that it deserves. I spent the last few days in Hvar doing all the things I should have done over the course of my 4 week stay there but instead crammed into the end of my trip. I was very happy to have my good friends from Austin/Denver (Jona & Jerry) along for the ride as well as my new friends from Germany. I meet a lot of amazing people as I travel. When traveling for work, I find myself going out to dinner alone far more often than most people and when I do I am almost always guaranteed to meet someone fascinating that teaches me more about where I am or where they are from. Good travel buddies always like to meet new people too and now I am enticed to visit Germany more than ever. After some heartfelt goodbyes I made my way to Barcelona to meet up with a college friend and fellow photography major, Deleigh. On a whim, via instagram stories, I noticed she would be in Barcelona towards the end of my Europe trip after finishing up a photography conference in France & I thought it had to be kismet. I only had 36 hours with her in this amazing city before she took off but it was certainly worth the time to eat amazing food, hang out on the beach until sunrise, and be inspired by her drive to create photojournalist stories. I would like to search for my own story soon.

I went straight from Barcelona to Mexico City, a solid 24 hours of travel, to second shoot a thousand person wedding. This evening alone would need its’ own blog post so I’ll just leave it at, it was insane on so many levels, in so many great ways, for example we left the wedding at 6am and it was definitely not over yet. From this trip I acquired another new friend, the third photographer, from Argentina, Lupe Jelena. This girl is raw talent and not only would it be a dream for me to be photographed by her, I can’t wait to visit her some day in her home country. My last day there was spent in Roma, the new hipster style part of Mexico City, it was beyond my expectations of the city. I’m glad I had the chance to have her show me around a surprisingly delightful area of Mexico City, introduce me to new people, and teach me more Spanish. Yo necesito practicar más! From there I went back to Denver after a long 6 hour layover in Houston to visit my very much missed family. Three months without seeing them may be a new record and has made me miss them more than ever.

I cleaned up my Airbnb property in Denver then visited my friend’s family ranch in my favorite Colorado town of Crested Butte. Four nights with them on a ranch with no cell service or wifi and amazing views of mountains in every direction is phenomenal inspiration to fuel me through another packed wedding season. We packed up the Tucson in Denver then Jona, Jerry, I, and my favorite dog, Denali, booked it to Austin with 16 hours of straight driving. The following day I went to a wedding photographer networking event. I shot a wedding the next day, crashed a bachelor party on Saturday, & shot a bridal session in Houston by monday. I’m looking forward to sharing those images :). Yesterday I walked around in the rain of Detroit to check out a few of the attractions that looked most appealing on tripadvisor. Heading out to Kalamazoo soon to see my family & shoot a wedding. I love that weddings take me to places I may not have ever ended up otherwise. I’d love to end up somewhere even more random some day 🙂

In that last month I also redid my website, finished editing every wedding in the queue, and redid my accounting spreadsheets to be more efficient. So yes, I do those things too. This was my month in a nutshell and while I wish I could go into more detail about my 36 hours in Barcelona with Deleigh or the 18 hours of straight shooting in Mexico City but maybe I just really will have to save that for the novel. I know I’ve said and written this more than once but I have to write it again. I love my life and am so thankful for it.

I took a few rolls of film to Europe but only one turned out fairly decent unfortunately, here is one from the first/best roll.

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