Skydiving in Hawaii

In my head I’ve always had a mental bucketlist of things I want to accomplish in this life. I recently wrote that list down for the website. I have a fear of heights, at the time I had a fear of planes, and I’ll never understand people that can feel fine jumping out of a plane at such heights. But, my dad used to say “I’ll try everything once, twice if I like it”. So here we go. In December 2011, without the approval from my mother I jumped out of a plane with friends in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I will start by saying that these are far from the most flattering photos of me ever taken. You watch a short video, get a little lesson, sign your life away, and decide on how far you want to drop (we did the highest of 2 options). I turned into a zombie the minute we were in the air. When it’s time to jump there is no time for hesitation, the guy going tandem with me turns & jumps out of the plane over nothing but ocean & I have no option at this point but to go with. The first 60 seconds is free-fall, it feels like sticking your head outside of a car window going 100mph but you can feel the wind over your entire body. I had a hard time breathing. The guy and the photographer are trying to get me to smile for photos but all I can think is “holyshitholyshitholyshit”. When we stop to parachute I laughed profusely, proud of myself, happy that part was over, and awing over how beautiful floating over the beach of seals was. I was simply grateful to be alive when we landed. There is one single flattering photo of me in flight while Megan has many. Enjoy just a few of the photos taken by Pacific skydive that day.

view from skydiving in Hawaii

skydiving in Hawaiipacific skydive hawaii

skydiving in oahu

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